2009 02-23 "Thanks for taking the time to meet with me last week. I enjoyed our talk. It was great to be reminded of the history of SHIP and to learn about your personal story. You are to be commended for the many years of community service that you have provided to so many people." Michael Pappas

2008 10-22 "We have moved to Kansas. I would like to find something like your organization to work with. You have such an impact on peoples lives. You take care and keep up the good work. You are a pro at it." Greg Breck, Saint Bernard Roman Catholic Church - Mobile Soup Kitchen Volunteer.

2008 10-10 "On behalf of the Board of Chosen Freeholders and the greater Somerset County community, thank you for serving on the Local Advisory Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Somerset County is indeed fortunate to have dedicated citizens committed to fighting alcoholism and drug abuse through prevention, intervention, and education. Somerset County's community outreach efforts in these areas are a model for New Jersey because selfless individuals like you provide invaluable assistance. Thank you so very much for your service to our community." Jack M. Chittarelli, Somerset County Freeholder

2008 10-02 "Tom O'Leary is the Mother Theresa of Somerset County." Helen Sanford at SHIP's Annual Night of Celebration

2008 08-13 "Thank you for caring and helping our clients." Sharon Horan Du-Mott - Work First New Jersey - Somerville Job Services

2008 07-01 "Thanks for everything." The Better Way Group of AA

2008 07-05 "Merry Christmas (in July). We know the summer is a slow time of giving, but the hungry know no holiday! Please accept this contribution from our church." Bradley Gardens Reformed Church, Bridgewater, NJ

2008 05-18 "The only place I've ever felt I belonged was at SHIP. Tom keep doing what you are doing there at SHIP because there are a lot of us lost souls, without you we would never be in the light. Thanks for everything." letter receiver from formed client

2008 05-05 "An expression of our appreciation and support for your strong dedication towards making a difference in our community." Ann Rockoff - Skycrest

2008 04-23 "In the community of Somerville, SHIP is recognized as being an organization which provides a support system for many." Suzanne Carminara, Regional Manager, Team Capital Bank, Somerville Office

2008 04-21 "The Woman's Literary Club of Bound Brook is pleases to be able to support your much appreciated services. and our membership is proud to assist your program." Barbara Lombardi, Treasurer

2008 03-22 "The First Baptist Church of Somerville appreciates the assistance that you provide for the less fortunate." William Pohl, Treasurer

2008 03-06 "Your donations to the Point in Time survey and Project Homeless Connect on January 29, 2008 were greatly appreciated by the families who received them. I commend you for embracing this project and for your kindness." Kimberly Cowart, Director of Community Development, County of Somerset, Department of Human Services

2008 03-04 "The Smerville Civic League Woman's Club recognizes your invaluable help in making our community a better place to live." Ellen S. Bogusly, President

2008 02-11 "We are grateful for your vision for caring for those who are among our county's most needy and the compassion with which you offer that care." Pastor George Montanari - Middlebush Reformed Church, Franklin Twp. NJ

2007 12-20 "Your special gifts of service are beyond the understanding of those like myself who tend to shun those He loves most, before taking the time to care." Sharon

2007 12-20 "We commend you on the work you are doing, and know that many are not going hungry this holiday season because of the services you provide." Phyllis Epp, Director of Philanthropy , Avaya Inc. NJ

2007 12-19 "May God bless you for the great services you provide to those in our community in need." West Pharmaceutical Services, Pa

2007 12-20 "I wanted to send you something special, but how do you send a hug." Agnes a volunteer

2007 11/29 "Here we are again at another Christmas and we find ourselves in need of your assistance, once again. Your help over the past decade has allowed us to assist thousands in need. In addition we would like to thank you for providing Thanksgiving Dinner for over 500 people this holiday season." Janet Walton, President, Edgemere Tenants Association, Somerset section of Franklin Township, NJ

2007 11/26 “During the holiday season, we recognize that you continue to offer hope and encouragement to those engaged in the daily battle to maintain dignity as they deal with the harsh realities of their lives.” Joanne Polito - From the Heart Thrift Shop at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Somerville

2006 12/03 “And so, when a young woman and her bright-eyed son appeared one recent morning with no place to stay that night, there was enough money in the account that Mr. O’Leary was able to give them a voucher for a nearby motel. “You’re gonna make me cry,” Mr. O’Leary said as the boy hugged him, and then — for just a moment, before he collected himself to send them off— he did.” - From Tic Tocks Story - NY Times, NJ Edition, 12-03-2006 Kevin Coyne

2007 11/01 “Throughout 2007, SHIP has established a productive and successful partnership with the Somerset Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency, through their Bridge to Success program. Several SHIP clients participating in Bridge to Success have shared with me what a positive experience it has been and that they have learned valuable skills to navigate everyday obstacles.” Sharon Lutz. Executive Director, Somerset Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency

2007 10/31 “I just want to say thank you for once again stretching your arms out to help others. I really appreciate that.” Blanca Jackson, UMDNJ, Department of Pediatric AIDS, New Brunswick, NJ

2007 10/30 "Thank you for allowing our students to come to SHIP for the afternoon. They enjoyed helping.” Shelly Hartz, Pingry School Martinsville, NJ

2007 10/25 “One of the missions of our Company is to reach out to non-profit organizations making a difference in their communities. It was brought to our attention that SHIP is doing extraordinary work helping others in need. Your commitment to the needs of others certainly has not gone unnoticed and we would like to make a charitable donation to support you in your efforts.” A Global Financial Company in Connecticut

2007 10/10 “Thanks SHIP, for being here to help us, help you to help those who are in need.” Father Dan Sloan, Church of Christ the King (Roman Catholic) on his 25th Anniversary in the priesthood.

2007 09-01 "Thanks for coming to our church (Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church). The truck (Mobile Soup Kitchen - Disaster Unit) was so cool. I think your program is amazing. God bless you. Timothy in the 5th Grade

2007 06/22 “I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me when I was at my lowest. The kindness you showed me, when I came to you dying, words seem so small a thank you. I needed my medicine and was unable to pay for it, you listened to me and helped me receive the medication I needed as well and gave me needed food.” a client MBS

2007 07/12 "Thank you so much for your support. It really meant a lot to my family.” a client

2007 03/01 “In Gratitude - The Somerset County Comprehensive Emergency Assistance Services Committee -Presents this certificate in recognition of SHIP’s extraordinary contribution to the planning and execution of the 2007 Somerset County Project Homeless Connect.” March 1, 2007, Mildred Gaupp, CEAS Chairperson (Director of Somerset County Human Services) and Joseph Kunzmann, CEAS Co Chairperson (Director of Somerset County Board of Social Services

2007 05/11 “I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the “O’Leary Theory” proved itself to be true again. On a recent Wednesday, it was our group’s day for the Ship’s Galley Soup Kitchen. Due to unforeseen circumstances some of the good folks that always sign up to provide food were unable to come through. I was beginning to get concerned about not having enough food to provide to the clients. I was mentioning the fact we may be short to another individual and as the words were drifting through the air, food came in unexpected and from sources not anticipated. We ended up with an adequate supply. That’s the basic theory, whenever we get to a crucial point the Lord provides. I have heard you say it so many times over the years and now I believe it too. Faith is the basis of the Theory. I just wanted to share this with you. It never ceases to amaze me how things work out.” Best regards, Carl Spolarich, SHIP Board of Trustee Member

2007 03/23 “I just wanted to thank all of you for being there. All of you gave me **HOPE, LOVE AND SUPPORT**!!! May you all keep getting blessed so you can keep blessing others.” a client

2007 03/22 “Thank you for the wonderful sermon this past Sunday. Your presence and caring nature is an inspiration for all. Not only have you allowed us to look into your heart, but allowed us to look into ours. For this we are thankful.” Joyce Burjan, Chief Elder, Manville Reformed Church

2007 02/12 “I hope all is well and that SHIP continues to thrive as it serves the poor and suffering. Thank you for your powerful ministry.” Sean Patrick Sanford, Pastoral Assistant for Social Justice, the Catholic Community of Saint Charles Borromeo

2006 12/21 “Due to your efforts, many families will have some sunshine this holiday season.” Wanda Moore, Deputy, Public Defender, State of NJ, Office of the Public Defender

2007 12/15 “I’m in awe of the help and hope that you offer to these unfortunate folks.” Nan Daly - SHIP Volunteer

2006 12/20 “I agree with your clergy friend (Father Bruce Montgomery at Saint Martin’s Episcopal Church, Bridgewater) who introduced you as “a John the Baptist type.” As did he, you have long called the powerful to account - some have responded “and been Baptized.” Gary DeWitt - Reformed Church of America, Pastor, NY

2006 12/13 “I was so impressed by the number of awards and the description of all the time people have devoted to the ministry. It say’s a lot about your leadership too!” Pam Bowman -Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church, Mission Team Chairperson

2006 11/03 “I saw your truck (Mobile Soup Kitchen - Disaster Unit) pass by one evening and I knew that this is where I was to make a donation.” Anonymous

2006/10/01 “You and your workers do so much for everyone in the community and beyond, we should thank you more often. We are here if you need us.” Marcia Coccozza, Rolling Hills Girl Scouts

2006 10/16 “The web site looks great. Other than a kind heart, God has given you a heart that doesn’t give up. Awesome! Seeing the SHIP sail again reminds me that the goodness on earth is still around and He’s alive.” SHIP volunteer e-mail JC

2006 10/19 “May God continue to bless you and SHIP, and all the hurting souls you’re helping.” Pam - North Branch Reformed Church

2006 09/19 “The meals (Mobile Soup Kitchen - Disaster Unit) are getting better all the time, keep it up!” A client TS

2006 09/14 “It is wonderful to affiliate with an agency such as SHIP that truly understands the importance of working together to serve the County’s neediest residents.” Renee Farrell, Executive Director, Interfaith Hospitality Network

2006 09/11 “There’s always HOPE ~ when someone cares. Thank God somebody does.” A Client

2006 08/09 “A good man with a kind heart and a kinder soul. Your vision and your generosity of spirit is a testimony of what people can achieve. If there were more human beings like you this book need not have been written.” Tova Friedman, Holocaust Survivor - Her story is in the book -Kinderlager an Oral History of Young Holocaust Survivors.

2005 12/25 “May God bless you and keep safe for there are hundreds of people the year out that are grateful for all you and your staff and volunteers do the year out for the less fortunate.” A client Christmas card

2005 12/25 “We applaud SHIP and your efforts to make the World a better place.” Branchburg Central Middle School

2005 11/24 “Thank you for everything you do and for allowing our girls to participate and learn.” Marcia Coccozza, Rolling Hills Girl Scout Council

2005 05/23 “As always, you were an inspirational speaker for the Leadership Somerset class. Someone captured your persona – they said – “it’s not a job for him, he is the work!” Thanks again. Pat Clark, Leadership Somerset

2005 04/26 “You’re caring and tireless work with the homeless is most impressive. When we read about the dedication shown by so many volunteers we know there is hope for this world.” Bridgewater Women’s Club

2005 01/28 “Through your generosity, many of the Erick B. Chandler’s HIV/AIDS Program’s were able to celebrate the Holiday Season with full stomachs.” – Rosemary T. Mc Andrew, Executive Director

2005 12/14 “Thank you for your wonderful work and dedication.” Senator Walter J. Kavanaugh

2004 11/18 "For many, it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Tom" Tony Caputo – anchor News 12 NJ

2004 11/15 “The agency is to be commended for finding a solution to this problem (feeding the increased numbers of people coming to us for a meal) which is a demonstration of this agency ability to gain public support. The agency is to be commended for maintaining a thorough and well organized system of documentation. The agency should be commended for its success in meeting the needs of the community through new initiatives and successful fundraising.” Program Monitoring Report, Somerset County Department of Human Services

2004 09/15 "Thank you very much for your thoughtful note offering your support, prayers and concern for our family. It has often been said that in difficult times we especially appreciate the simple acts of kindness and decency, which touch the soul. I am proud of the work we have done together. I look forward to seeing you after November 15th." James E. Mc Greevey, Governor of the State of New Jersey,

2004 09/07 "Congratulations on your stellar programs to help individuals take control of their lives. Your dedication has made a positive impact on the residents." Denise Coyle, Freeholder Director, Somerset County letter

2004 08/09 "We at DAS (Division of Addiction Services) appreciate your endless contribution of services to clients. Keep up the good work." Irene Inarusai, Program Management Officer, State Department of Human Services, Division of Addiction Services

2004 08/06 "Dear Tom, Thank you for your continued service to the less fortunate residents in our community. You should be very proud of the fantastic milestone the SHIP program achieved, and I commend you and all who work so hard to keep this worthwhile service going. Your efforts are greatly appreciated as you fight the war on poverty. With all good wishes, Jim Me Greevey," - Governor of the State of New Jersey - On serving our one millionth meal to the hungry with no food budget using 99% donations.

2004 08/05 Somerset County Freeholder Peter Palmer praised the efforts of SHIP yesterday, especially applauding the four months when SHIP went out daily to Ground Zero in New York City after September 11th to feed the rescue workers at the site. Star Ledger, Katherine Jun

2004 08/05 "If there were a sign with golden arches outside the headquarters of SHIP on Wednesday it would have read, "Over one million served." Tina Perotta, The Reporter,

2004 08/05 "He does an amazing job" Peter Palmer said. The county has provided funding to the agency over the years, he said. Star Ledger, Katherine Lou – Peter Palmer, Somerset County Freeholder

2004 08/05 Congratulations received from State Senator Walter J. Kavanaugh and from Assemblyman Christopher "Kip" Bateman., one of our Mobile Soup Kitchen - Disaster Units is named in honor of the Senator. - The SS Senator Walter J. Kavanaugh

2004 08/05 "They always have a balanced meal said Vasquez. People who serve us here treat us with respect. The free meals offered by SHIP often make ends meet when welfare payments are not enough. He's walked in our shoes, and if you haven't, you really don't know what it's like." Gail Vasquez as she received the millionth meal served by SHIP's Anti Hunger Program. Star Ledger article "Program serves millionth meal.

2004 08/05 “SHIP provides what it calls emergency subsistence packages, meals on holidays, vouchers to the needy to receive meals at the Phoenix Cafe on Main Street. SHIP also has two mobile soup kitchens which serve meals." Tina Perotta, The Reporter newspaper

2004 08/05 "Milestone Marked with tears, Joy" "It was the only meal I was getting." He credits the program and Tom O'Leary, founder and Executive Director of SHIP, with helping not only him, but countless others in need. I didn't realize there were such caring people in the world." Courier News front page story - Greg Morano reporter

2004 08/05 "This is the only meal I was getting, three days out of seven." Peanowski said of the eighteen months he spent homeless. He credits the program and Tom O'Leary, founder and executive director of SHIP with helping not only him but also countless other local residents who need a good meal to survive." "Milestone marked with tears of joy," front page, the Reporter, Tina Perotta,

2004 07/14 "Thank You so Much. SHIP is a wealth of referral information and help. You are the best help I have received so far." A woman with 2 children from Bridgewater in need.

2004 06/20 “ I think he's (Tom O'Leary) trying to help people turn their lives around and hopefully get self-sufficient and that, to me, is important. I support that effort both verbally and financially." Art Martin, Sunday Star Ledger

2004 07/14 "SHIP and Tom O'Leary are to be commended for the hard work and effort they contribute to the community" Steven Krajewski, President NJ State Organization of Municipal Health Officers and Director of Health Department, Somerville & Manville, Member of LACADA (Local Advisory Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse), their minutes July 14

2003 12/25 "I am the man I am today because of your organization. May God continue to bless you and all you do! A recovering single parent, male, alcoholic/drug addict, regained custody of children, established own business, ongoing SHIP volunteer along with 3 kids two of whom are now in college. "The best Christmas present one could ask for." Tom O'Leary - Christmas card message from alumni.

2003 11/20 “Just a note to write a big thank you. The meal was delicious and the people serving were wonderful.” A senior guest at our Thanksgiving Holiday Meal

2003 07/02 "Tom, your dedication and expertise has made a positive impact on the residents (of Somerset County), and I join them in saying thank you. I want to take this opportunity to add my congratulations to those you have already received on the addition to your fleet in commitment to help the less fortunate in our county.” Denise Coyle, Freeholder Deputy Director

2003 07/01 "We appreciate the time you spent with our group, but more importantly opening the eyes of the participants to the existence of homelessness and hunger in this county. Class members commented on your dedication and compassion and were greatly impacted by your message. You are a pillar in the social service community.” - Somerset County Administrator's Office, Leadership Somerset, Denise Katula, Program Manager

2002 03/20 "He Who Saves One Life Saves The World Entire" Presented to Tom O'Leary & SHIP In Recognition of Their Loving Ministry of Service to Somerset County and The World. - Somerville Area Ministerial Association

2002 03-09 "I, James E. Mc Greevey, Governor of the State of New Jersey, do hereby recognize and commend Grand Marshall Thomas O'Leary of the Somerville Saint Patrick's Day Parade for continuing the tradition of celebrating our state's rich Irish heritage." James E. Mc Greevey, Governor of the State of New Jersey

2001 04/25 “It’s still difficult for many people to believe that hunger exists in Somerset County, but it is a very real problem. SHIP provides a lifeline to thousands of families and individuals who otherwise would have nowhere to turn.” Denise Coyle, Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders

2001 04/25 “SHIP is a Faith Based, interfaith and community assisted, funded and supported, grassroots program that has been serving Somerset County residents since 1984. Their clients are the homeless, near homeless, working poor families, people with HIV/AIDS, those suffering from substance abuse, and individuals who are not able to obtain assistance from government or other private agencies.” Denise Coyle, Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders

2001 04/25 ‘The organization is a steady, reliable source of assistance on a day to day basis as well.” Denise Coyle, Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders

2001 04/25 “Tom O’Leary was characteristically modest Tuesday afternoon as county leaders credited him with doing more than any other person to comfort the poor and feed the hungry of Somerset County .” Wesley Yang, Courier News

2001 04/25 “People ask me where I get the funds to do these things, and I always do the same thing, “ said the director of the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program, lifting his eyes and his hands up to heaven.” Wesley Yang, Courier News

2001 04/25 “When Tom O’Leary began advocating for the homeless in Somerset County 17 years ago, he was almost drummed out of the community. Yesterday, he was welcomed by a marching band.” Star Ledger state wide, Joe Tyrrell

2001 04/25 “Tom O’Leary does things that are almost miraculous.” Senator Walter J. Kavanaugh, Star ledger article

2001 04/25 “Without Tom O’Leary, I’m not sure what we would have done after Hurricane Floyd.” Denise Coyle, Somerset Freeholder, Star Ledger article

2001 04/25 “The Freeholders now support SHIP, budgeting $18,000 to help pay drivers for its two food trucks.” Denise Coyle, Somerset County Freeholder, Star Ledger article

2000 12/14 “She took the meal and started crying. She was on her way over to the shopping center to steal food.” A woman with three children. Manville News - Laura Toto

2000 12/14 "They don’t care if you got a job or what your education is.” a senior guest at Mobile Soup Kitchen. Manville News - Laura Toto

2000 12/14 “When I told her the food was free, she said, God must have sent you.” A little girl coming to the Mobile Soup Kitchen for a meal. Laura Toto - Hillsborough Beacon

2000 11/30 “It just warms my heart to see to see so many good people helping each other.” Sam Ruiz volunteer – A community Gives Thanks – article by Tina Perotta - Somerset

Messenger Gazette

2000 11/23 “This year especially we’re going to have more kids because they know they can get a good meal from the Mobile Soup Kitchen.” volunteer – Tina Perotta, Somerset Messenger Gazette

2000 11/13 “Soup Kitchen has hungry mouths to feed. Volunteers pitching in to help feed the needy” Headlines, Courier News, Pasquale Di Fulco

2000 09/28 “Compassion is the key element of Tom O’Leary’s Non-Profit organization, SHIP.” Tina Perotta, 09-28-00 Somerset Messenger Gazette

2000 06/19 “The wonders you were able to perform with your former Mobile Soup Kitchen, such as it was, only leave us anxiously waiting to see what will come out of this new one!” Alice Lull, Community Relations, J&J Somerset County Companies

2000 06/14 - “You have to get the people where they are. We provide education and go over strategies, including exercise, stress management and low salt diets, things like that.” Saint Peter’s Community Mobile Health Unit visits SHIP’s Galley I in Somerville and SHIP’s Galley II in South Bound Brook once a month.” Marge Drozd Nurse Practioner, story by Mark Trenzi, Courier News

2000 05-03 “We do financially support the work you do and recognize the need as well as your ability to fill the need.” Jeanne Locke, Associate in Ministry, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Somerville

2000 05/01 “Peter’s Community Mobile Health Unit visits SHIP’s Galley I in Somerville and SHIP’s Galley II in South Bound Brook once a month.” Marge Drozd Nurse Practioner, story by Mark Trenzi, Courier News

2000 03/19 “In short Old Betsey ( our Mobile Soup Kitchen – Disaster Unit) was the best little mobile soup kitchen Central Jersey has ever known. She was a messenger of benevolence, a carrier of good will, a deliverer of the bread of life.” Pasquale Di Fulco – Courier News

2000 03/11 “Having such a difficult time, after Hurricane Floyd, our lives were touched by such wonderful people like you and the SHIP volunteers and Staff.” The Okia Family, Hurricane Floyd - Flood Victims

2000 02/19 “The last four years have been the best. Thank you for giving me back my heart and my soul” - a formed client and recovering substance abuser

2000 01/26 “Your thoughtfulness instills hope in our youth by knowing there are people in the community who truly care about their well being.” Jeff Fetsko, Executive Director, Somerset Home for Temporarily Displaced Children

2000 01/24 “SHIP’s kindness, humanity, benevolence, and your willingness to give to the poor and needy reflect the nobler aspect of us all.” Michael Dowling, Public Safety Director, Asbury Park, NJ

1999 12/31 “The Holy Father John Paul II paternally imparts His Apostolic Blessing to Thomas O’Leary for his faithful service to Samaritan Homeless Interim Program invoking upon him Gods loving care and protection.” Archiepiscopus Eleemosynarius Apostolicus, Rome, Italy

1999 12/26 “The community is being brought together. The Hungry find Help, hope. Volunteers gather to give the needy a memorable Christmas Meal.” Courier News, Shaun McCormack

1999 12/25 “I was overwhelmed by your concern, kindness, and generosity towards others.” - letter from a 72 year old Holiday Meals Guest

1999 12/03 “Knowing that we can always count on your help when we are in need is a great source of comfort for us at Chandler.” Sheila Coutin, HIV Program Coordinator, Chandler Clinic, New Brunswick, NJ

1999 09/09 “SHIP has fed countless numbers of indigent people and placed just as many smiles on their faces.” Messenger Gazette - Paul Nelson

1999 09/01 “Commendations and praise are extended to Thomas O’Leary by the citizens of the County of Somerset through the Board of Chosen Freeholders – “MAKING A DIFFERENCE” FINALIST.” County of Somerset – Board of Chosen Freeholders – Citation, Denise Coyle, Freeholder Director

1999 09/01 “The hands and feet of Christ” is what the Rev. Ronald N. Pollock of Saint John’s Episcopal Church in Somerville, NJ, called SHIP and its Galley. “We are pleased to have them here”. Courier News

1999 09/01 “SHIP program provides help simply and directly. Looking at the groups clustered along the long, cafeteria style tables and listening to the piano and constant chatter, there clearly is a social component to the Galley” Mark Trenzi, Courier News

1999 05/20 “As you know, many of the clients of Alternatives, Inc. have had the opportunity to take advantage of the food programs operated by SHIP. This includes the Galley Program, as well as the Mobile Soup Kitchen.” Nancy Good, President, Alternatives, Inc., Somerset County, NJ

1999 05/20 “O’Leary was chosen based on his extensive history of selfless giving as founder of the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program” Russell Berrie Foundation, “Unsung Hero” award for people “Making a Difference.

1999 05/20 “One of New Jersey’s Unsung Heroes and Hidden Treasures” Kent Manahan, New Jersey Network News

1999 01/01 “The Courier News Person who makes a difference as a Public Service Professional 1998” Keith Ryzewicz, Courier News

1998 12-03 His staff claims “He gets the money from God. What he does with that money, though, makes him a saint.” James Moffat, Messenger Gazette

1996 12/03 “The Lord will provide and He provided us with Tom O’Leary” SHIP’s Board of Trustees, Night of Celebration,

1996 04/01 “Tom as O‘Leary has a unique ability to institute new program s and to unite a wide variety of people in helping others. He is involved with several organizations in Somerset County including, Habitat for Humanity and Somerset County Task Force on AIDS. Tom has tremendous creativity in almost miraculously jump-starting and involving others.” Irene Natale, United Way of Somerset County quote found in 2007

1996 01/10 “Tom O’Leary, director of the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program (SHIP) - deals with misery every day - sometimes, people who are already heroes by any measure have it within themselves to crank up another notch when they have to” THE NEWARK STAR LEDGER - HEROES - THE IMPOSSIBLE

1996 01-07 “Tom O’Leary , executive director of Samaritan Homeless Interim Program, commonly referred to as SHIP. He sailed ship to the first place the destitute look for help in Somerset County, he’s heading up the county’s AIDS Task Force. What project will he lend his energy to next?” COURIER- NEWS - PEOPLE TO WATCH

1991 01/27 "More than anyone else, through speeches, lobbying and arm twisting, O'Leary has put a human face on the homeless in affluent Somerset". Carol A. Hunter Managing Editor Courier News

1991 01/27 "Remarkable program aids county's homeless". Carol Hunter, Managing Editor Courier News

1991 01/17 "Without Tom O'Leary's intervention many Crawford House women would be without housing today." Crawford House (A residential Recovery House for Women) Betty Koehler, Executive Director

1991 01/01 "SHIP helps fill a need by providing services to those families and individuals who are ineligible for the emergency housing/shelter services that are being provided by existing private and public social service agencies". Cornelia B. Thum, Director Somerset County Board of Social Services

1989 10/01 “The Samaritan Homeless Interim Program is an important effort and much appreciated". Lutheran Church Women

1989 10/01 “Don't ever think of giving up the SHIP." St. Bernard's volunteer Carol Trenchard

1989 05/01 "I would like to thank SHIP for all it's help it has given to our organization. SHIP has always helped enlighten and motivate the students". ‑-‑-­Founder ‑- Rutgers University with the Homeless ‑- Founder ‑- Elinore Kubacki

1989 05/01 “I am pleased that SHIP will remain a viable program in Somerset County. know that a women who needs emergency assistance or furniture to re‑-establish herself can use your program as a place to turn to for help". Miriam Habib, Director, Resource Center for Women and Their Families

1989 05/01 "SHIP, with its relentless determination and working knowledge of tenancy and public assistance law, helps fill the gap. SHIP is a formidable advocate of the homeless and needy." Somerset Sussex Legal Aid ‑- Elizabeth Szabo, Esq.

1989 05/01 “Working together in our furniture exchange makes it possible for so many people to acquire basic necessities." Marie Scannell ‑- Food Bank Network

1989 02/19 “Tom O'Leary with the SHIP program is a Somerset County Miracle". Shuey Horowitz, Director, HomeSharing Program.

1989 02/02 "The people you work with are literally "left out in the cold" because they are ineligible for other services and assistance within the current system of caring for the homeless". Pamela Allister ‑- Exec. Director – Worldworks Foundation, Inc.

1989 02/01 “Thanks for the good work SHIP is doing to bring faith communities together to deal with the issues of housing.". Warren/Watchung Interfaith

1989 02/01 “When the bottom fell out of my families lives and there was no one to turn to, it was SHIP who's help put the bottom and foundation back together for our family". A two parent working family with three children

1989 01/01 “Best of luck with your work. Keep It up” A private family foundation

1989 01/01 “HomeSharing and SHIP are the best ways of dealing with the working poor. There is no money available to pay for the working poor". ‑-‑-‑- Corkey Thum, Director, Somerset County Board of Social Services

1989 01/01 “ It is a special privilege for us to be part of the SHIP ministry. We firmly support your ministry". Saint Martin's Episcopal Church FATHER BRUCE MONTGOMERY

1988 12/11 “ I got a job, its full time starting at $6.00 per hour. Thank you for your direction" a single male client

1988 12/01 Thank you, for helping me and my family when no one would or could and for that I'm very thankful" a working mother of two.

1988 05/01 “Tom stepped in and helped out by identifying an apartment for her and offered furniture and services so that she could reunite with her children in a healthy environment.” A working mother of two, - Betty Koehler, Director Crawford House


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