Emergency Housing and Shelter Services

ESTABLISHED March 5, 1984

SHIP has provided over 60,000 Nights of Shelter to those in need.

SHIP’s Emergency Housing and Shelter Program is located at 87 East High Street, Somerville, NJ 08876


SHIP provides emergency housing and associated services for those that are homeless, or in eminent danger of becoming homeless, in the Somerset County region as our resources permit.

Poverty remains the primary cause of homelessness. SHIP’s ministry is dedicated to providing compassionate and meaningful assistance to the poor, vulnerable and those in need that are shunned by others.

SHIP has provided over 60,000 nights of shelter to those in need of emergency housing in the Somerset County region paying for over 7,000 emergency housing placements using your donations.

SHELTER LOSS INTERVENTION: SHIP’s guests (clients) in need of emergency housing are placed in area motels, hotels, boarding homes and other off site premises. In compliance with public safety regulation guests are never housed at our Drop-in-Center.

HOME LOCATOR SERVICE: This service gathers the information necessary to increase and update a list of affordable housing opportunities in the county. A list of available rooms, apartments, and homes for rent is made available to clients and staff. This information is obtained from a variety of sources that include newspapers, electronic and printed media, word of mouth, staff, volunteers, other agencies, and direct contact with providers.

COOPERATIVE SERVICING PLAN: Many lower income earning families and individuals are without the cash reserves needed to reestablish themselves once they become homeless. The service leverages small donations from a number of supporting faith communities, agencies and individuals which matching funding from SHIP. This has proven to be a more cost-effective course, when possible, than lengthy and substantially more costly alternatives.

Samaritan Homeless Interim Program

87 East High Street
Somerville, New Jersey 08876

Serving the community since 1984


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At SHIP we create programs and services that increase the Somerset County and surrounding regions capacity to respond to the needs of the poor and working poor.

Since March 5, 1984 We have served over 100,000 people.

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